He never forgot

Stacy and Louis were the best of friends. They had been through so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then one day came when Louis tired out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


5. Who's the girl?

Niall's pov:

That was strange how come Lou never talked about that girl before? I looked over ta him rather interested in her and who she was I looked him with a smile on my face. When he looked back at me he just looked creeped out. I tried my hardest to keep my face  the way it was and not laugh but it was so hard. "What are you smiling about Niall?" He finally said to me. I said nothing and continued to smile as we walked home. Louis was starting to get annoyed with me and I could tell. "Would you stop being a creep and tell me all ready Niall." He said with a laugh. Finally I burst out laughing and then before we knew it we were both laughing. "So Louis who is this Stacy that you were talking to a little  while ago?"

I saw his cheeks flush red as he said, "Wouldn't rather talk about something else?" I shook my head no saying, "If you don't tell me ill do that creepy smile again and star at you the whole way home." Louis laughed at this and said, "Okay you win. Me and Stacy were friends back in Doncaster before I became famous. We did everything together until the X-Factor....I remember her telling me how she wanted to try out but she was afraid that she wasn't good enough. So I told her that if she tried out I would. She agreed to her and they wanted both of us on the show. We were so happy about it......then the day came to go on the show but she never showed up. I called her cell over and over again but I couldn't get through. I was so sad because she had let me down. After the X-Factors we kept in touch but soon we lost contact with each other. During this time I remembered my promise to her about how I would never forget her. I kept my promise to but I stated to wonder if she had done the same. Over time I started to think maybe she had forgotten me....but then I saw her today and she remembered me so its all better now because I know she will never forget me!"

I stood their staring at Lou like wow..... Then I started to wonder something, "Wait why didn't you ever talk about her in front of me or the lads? Why keep her a secret from us? From me?" Louis took a deep breath as his smile disappeared and tears started to form in his eyes. "It's because I was afraid that if she found out I was famous she wouldn't like me for me any more. I was afraid of losing my best friend again, I want her to be my friend because she likes being with me just Louis. Not Louis Tomlinson the famous singer from One Direction that every body knows." I pulled him into a hug and told him to whip away his tears. "Louis I may not know Stacy very well but I can tell you Louis that she is never going to do that to you. She seems like a really sweet person." I gave him a squeeze followed by a hug as we walked the rest of the way home in silence.

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