He never forgot

Stacy and Louis were the best of friends. They had been through so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then one day came when Louis tired out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


7. Dinner with my best friend

Louis's pov:

I was driving home the next day when my phone went off. I pulled to the side like the good driver I am and read the text. It was from Stacy!


Stacy: Hey Louis sorry if I'm bugging you but I wanted to know if you would like to come over for dinner some time?

Lou: Yea sure would luv 2 go what time

Stacy: Ur coming 2night?

Lou?: Well I'm free 2night so yea is that k with u?

Stacy: :) Sure it is.....how is 2?

Lou: Perf see u at 2

*End of Text*

I drove home and decided that I wanted to look nice but not fancy for tonight's dinner. So I went with this........


I was standing out side her door with flowers in my hands. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I was expecting Stacy to answer it but instead I was greeted with her mom. "Hi Miss.Green I brought you some flowers." Her mom took the flowers with a smile on her face. "You always were such a sweet boy Louis. Come in! Come in! make your self at home. Stacy will be down a few she's just getting ready. In the mean time why don't we eat some soup and chat. I smiled and followed her to the dinning room.

We sat and ate well I told her about my life and she told me all about hers. I cut her off half way to tell her how amazing her soup was. She laughed and thanked me as we talked some more. Then I heard Stacy say, "Louis is that you?" From around the corner...I got up to great her but when I reached her my breath was taken away she look amazing!!!!!

I  complemented Stacy on sweater as she sat down to eat with us. She blushed at me as she looked at it. "I got cold so I threw this sorry  but I can see I'm no the only one that went casual here." She said pointing to me. I looked at what I was wearing and laughed, "Year your right!!!"

*After dinner*

Ounce dinner was done I thanked them for having me over and said my good byes.

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