He never forgot

Stacy and Louis were the best of friends. They had been through so much that they were sure nothing could tare them apart. Then one day came when Louis tired out for the X-Factors. Stacy stayed behind and cheered him on. What happens when fate brings them together and tares them apart again?


4. Catching up

Louis's pov:

I was just leaving the coffee shop with Niall when I saw my old friend Stacy. She hasn't changed a bit since the last time I saw her. "Hey Niall come with me I want you to meet an old friend of mine." "Okay sounds like fun." I smiled at him. "o trust me she is." I lead Niall over to Stacy. You know the closer I get to her the more I notice that she has changed a lot.

I took my phone out and pulled up an old selfie she took on my phone and compared it to how she looked to day. I heard Niall whistle in approval making me laugh.

I thought she was pretty then but look at her now!!!!!

Now she looks breath taking......

"Hey Stacy is that really you?" She turned around her face light up with joy. "LOUIS!!!!!" She was screaming as she ran up to me  and jumped into my arms. Lucky for her I was able to catch her. After spinning her around a bit I put her on her feet as she was laughing.  "Stacy this is my friend Niall. Niall this is the girl I was telling you about Stacy."  She smiled at him and shook his hand. "Its nice to meet you Niall." "You two Stacy."

Then she turned back to me and said, "So Louis what's been going on with you?" I told her about the lads and the recorded label and how were a famous band called One Direction. Niall gave her details on all the lads then I gave he a sad look as my phone went off. "What's wrong Louis?" she asked looking concerned. "We have to go  now." Stacy looked up set now to. "All ready?" I shook my head yes. She sighed and gave me and Niall a hug good bye. "Well maybe I'll see you around again Louis." She said as we started to part ways. "I hope so...." I waved good bye and started to walk with Niall away. I wish I could have frozen time and stayed like that for ever.

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