This is what I am: completely and utterly forgotten.

It really sucks actually, because the one that you love is the one that forgets you. And hurts you, unintentionally of course.

The worst feeling that you could ever feel was not to be lonely, but to be forgotten. I've felt it and I can't express enough how terrible it feels.

I have a corny theory that I once saw on tumblr and that is that people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

That was her problem.

I remember one time that I would wake up and she'd be right beside me. Well that's long gone. But I won't accept that.


Luke Hemmings Fanfic



1. ~ o n e ~


Elizabeth went to a window to enjoy its prospect. The hill, crowned with wood, from which they had descended, receiving increased abruptness from the distance, was a beautiful object. Every disposition of the ground was good; and she looked on the whole scene -- the river, the trees scattered on its banks, and the winding valley, as as far as she could trace it -- with delight. 

~Pride & Prejudice


That was my very favorite quote of the entire book. It might be an odd choice but I think that it was truly beautiful, because I think Elizabeth was reflecting on Mr. Darcy, his beauty and the way she loved him so.


It would be great to have a love as great as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's, it had its ups and down but in the end it came through. 


Yet again I doubt anyone would ever love me. I'm just a nerd sitting at a park bench reading Pride & Prejudice for what seems like the millionth time.


Today isn't a normal day in Australia, it's actually kind of windy and nippy. Call me crazy, but I love this kind of weather. 


The breeze feels just amazing and it's great for reading and I feel completely invisible, which is good. I'm not one to like attention on me.


People walk past me, totally overdressed for a slightly windy day. I guess they're just not used to nippy weather, but I am.


I'm originally from Bristol, England and we moved here because of the great weather and due to the fact that my father got a great job here.


It's windy days like this that make me feel completely homesick. But reading always seems to distract me from everything and everyone.


"Hello." a friendly voice says next to me. I look and see a boy sitting next to me on the bench. "You're a little underdressed, don't ya think?" he asks.


I fight the urge to laugh in his face. "You're a little overdressed don't ya think?" I mock him. He grins, and that's when I realize that he is actually very attractive.


He's hiding his blond hair under a gray beanie and he has gorgeous blue eyes. "My name is Luke." he introduces himself and sticks his hand out to me, which has a black wool glove.


I shake his hand a bit reluctantly. "I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Everybody else does, it's practically my name." I laugh lightly, and tuck a piece of my brown hair behind my ear.


He smiles widely. "Nice to meet you, Sam. It's freezing, here, you can borrow my jacket." he says, and starts to take his puffy jacket off.


"No, no, it's okay," I say, "I'm british so I'm kind of used to the weather." 


"That explains the accent. But I still think you should borrow my jacket, you could catch a cold." he hands me his jacket and I take it, although I really don't need it.


I put it over my shoulders and stare at my shoes. I feel someone staring at me from the side and I look over there slightly and it's Luke staring. 


I want to tell him to quit staring, but that would be very rude. "Do you want to get a coffee? Y-you know, to warm up a little bit." he stutters.


I shift a little in my seat, and smile at his awkwardness which is kind of cute to me. "I wonder how many times I need to tell you that I'm not really cold for you to understand, but I could really go for a coffee right now." I say.


His eyes light up and I fight back a completely idiotic smile. "Great. There's a Starbuck's right around the corner we could go there." he suggests.


I nod and we both walk to the coffee shop.



This is my first fan fiction, so go easy on me guys. I could really use constructive criticism. Anyway, comment, like, read, and share. I am looking for a co-author, so if anyone is interested you could message me. Thanks for reading! xx

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