6. Suspicion Kills The Moment

I tell Luke it is my period and I was wrong about my period. He kind of believed me. I hope. Ashton have me a look and told me he can tell him anything and he won't say anything to anyone.

"Ashton, where are you. I need you.!" I yell through the tour bus hoping he would hear.

Next second he is sprinting up the bus with a smile on his face.

"Yeah olivia, what's up!?" Ashton asks.

"I have done something I regret but I don't." I reply.

"We will go to a private place. Wait here." Ashton says in a rush.

Ashton runs to the front of the bus to tell the bus driver to stop at a park in private.

The bus comes to a stop at a private bush park.

Ashton and I find a park bench and sit.

"What's going on. Tell me anything. I won't say anything. I promise. " Ashton says to me.

"I'm to scared to tell you. I feel you will judge me. No offence. It's really bad." I tell ashton.

"Trust me. What's going on."

" I had sex with Calum." I say quickly.

"Ok that's not so-"

"UNPROTECTED" I say as I cut off Ashton's sentence.

"Ok it is bad. How can I help?" He asked

"Fake a vomit with me. " I say

"I say I don't feel well and you run to stop the bus as I faint and vomit everywhere. I will even make myself vomit. Easy" I say.

"Great idea. I will try." Ash says.

"Its a way I will get to see if I'm pregnant by going to hospital."


---------------SKIP TIL INCIDENT.-----------------

I decide to go to the lounge where everyone is sitting. I say I don't feel well and I fall on the floor. Luke and Ashton get up faster the Michael and Calum. Ashton and Luke fight over me and Ashton wins. Thank god

I sneakily put my finger down my throat and and vomit. Ashton carries me out to his car and puts me in.

He drives me to the nearest hospital and asks the woman at the front desk for assistance in babies

"Were is the baby section. We need a scan please" Ashton says.

"Right down here." The lady says as she flutters her eyes.

I hold his hand hoping to be not pregnant.

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