9. Party.

Today Luke took me to a party club. It was amazing.

I walk in and Luke goes straight to the bar. He orders 2 vodkas.

I sip mine while Luke sculls down 3 glasses of vodka.

About an hour later I see a man walking up to me. He slaps my ass. I turn and slap his face but Luke did it better.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO MY GIRLFRIEND!!"Luke screams at the Man.

"Luke, calm do-"I try to say but Luke did something amazing.

He turned around and punched the dude in the face and broke his nose.

Luke grabbed my hand and led me out of the club. We were to drunk to drive so we found a park to sit at. It was late at night so it was fun.

Luke and I sit in the swings.

"I love you liv. I mean it." Luke says.

OMG. The world is spinning put of control for me. This is the best sentence anyone has ever said to me.

"I love you too pengu!"I say.

I sit on Luke's lap with my legs around his back on the swing. We kiss. It was the best kiss ever.

A/N: hey readers, I hope you like this fan fiction, it's my first ever so sorry if I'm a bit rusty. Comment please and try to share my fanfic to as many peeps as possible. Comment ur opinion and tell me if you want more!! Xxxxx

AN/ omfg it's so annoying. It's not letting me do any more publishing.

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