1. Olivia's shock.

Olivia's POV

I can't sleep with this competition on my mind. Tomorrow I could go to the aria awards and tour with 5 seconds of summer for a year. I know my chances are slim but I still have a little chance I could have the winning email.

-------SKIP TIL MORNING-----------

My head is throbbing my hands are shaking my heart is pounding. I check my emails once more. 6 new emails! I look through all of them in a flash. Nothing. None 5SOS :(. It's 9:29 am and the email is sent at 9:30am sharp.

I decide to have a long hot bath to kill my heart pain. I get my iPad and put 5sos music on. After my fingers begin to shrivel up I hop out rolling my ankle on the tiles. I let out a scream but managed to limp to my room.

Surprisingly I have a notification on my emails icon. I check and I could believe it. I had it. It's from 5SOS!!! I WON!!!!! The email read...

To Olivia,

Hey livie, I'm glad to announce you will be touring with us for a year!!! You are practically part of the band now!!! Hope you can cook because we are always hungry ;)

Love Luke cal mike and lama ash. Xoxoxox

I'm shocked. I packed my bags as fast as possible. I untucked the dooner and jumped back in bed without dinner and lunch.

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