3. Jealousy

Calum is on the bunk above me and Michael is above Michael on order of bunks. Ashton sleeps on the couch anyway so that was sorted.

It was like 12:00am and I was on snapchat chatting to friends. Suddenly I hear a soft whisper voice talking to me.

"Hey liv..." Luke whispers across the bunk.

"Yeah pengu?" I say jokingly.

"How old are you?" Luke asks.

"16, why do you ask?" I reply in curiosity.

"You just look to beautiful that's all.." Luke says fast.

"Not as beautiful as you are!"I say with a giant a smile.

We both giggle when Luke says ....

"Wonna go out to dinner with me sometime?"

I stopped. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I finally pushed the words off my tongue. Before I could Finnish my sentence Michael butts in.

"Luke stop flirting and fuck up. Go to sleep!" Michael shouts.

"You're just jelly coz you never get any action from women you poof!" Luke says back.

"THATS IT FUCKER! YOURE GOING DOWN!!" Michael screams at Luke.

Michael dangles his legs down to Luke's bunk wanting to get off. Luke grabs michaels ankles and pulls him down to the floor. With a face plant.

Michael falls on the floor with a ow and a thud.

The lights flicker on as we see ashton standing there in almost all glory.

"What the fuck is going on. Go to sleep boys. It's late. We have a big day tomorrow.!" Ashton says.

We all laugh as the boys get back into their bunks.

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