7. hard hope

I get the results back from the nurse.

Negative. I'm not pregnant. Thank god. But there is something they need to check out.

The nurse sends me to an xray scan room. It turns out.....

" I'm sorry honey. You have a giant cyst on your left overy." She says.

I look at Ashton and cry. I can't believe I have to get an operation. Why. When. How ???

I ashton takes me back to the bus and tells everyone I just had a bug. They all believed it so it's good.

I ask to speak to Calum in private. I tell him and he said

"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done that last night. But one question. Do you regrets it?" He asks me.

"No. I lost my virginity to you. It's amazing. But i feel bad for Luke. I love you all but I feel different about Luke. He is my hero. I love him. He is my world. He is my bae." I tell him.

I walk out of the bunk set and go to Luke.

I sit down with him and cuddle.

-----------SKIP UNTILL MIDNIGHT----------

Luke and I go to bed at the same time as the others. Luke and I turn to try and fall asleep facing each other.

Ten minutes later I hear..

"Hey liv, are you tired?"

"Not really. You?"

"Nah, wonna watch a movie??!"


Luke and I both get up and sneak to the front lounge. We close the doors( which are sound proof) so the boys don't hear the movie and like puts on Step Brothers.

We both laugh and laugh and laugh UNTILL the movie ends.

"I'm still not tired Luke. Another?" I say

"Ok. You pick this time." He replies.

I walk to the DVD draw and find a movie i love. It's called Grease. I sit back down after I put the DVD in and watch cuddling with Luke. I think half way through I fell asleep but I woke up in a bunk that wasn't mine. It was Luke's. He carried me back to his bunk? Nawwwwwwwwww! What a sweat heart.

But still thank god I'm not pregnant.

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