8. confused.

I was sitting with Luke at the table when I hear his phone ring. Luke pulls his phone out of his pocket and answers. It's the one direction lads.

"Yes why.? .........ok. We'll see you in 10 mins then...........ok. Cya niall!" Luke says to his phone.

All of a sudden the tour bus door swings open. It's 1D!! My dreams are coming true.!! I see Harry first so I hug him first.

"Hey, I'm Harry. I here you are olivia?"

"Yes, I am olivia. Lovely to meet you!! I'm a huge fan!!" I tell Harry.

I don't get it. I love 5SOS and 1D.

I look over to see Luke playing FIFA as usual.

I sit with him as the lads go to Ashton in the recording room. Luke handed me a game control.

"I don't know how to play Luke, can you please teach me??" I say.

"Sure liv," Luke says back.

After about two hours of FIFA we forgot that the one direction lads actually came here. They left but I didn't notice.

I'm still confused with who I love. I'm hopeless with love.

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