4. Big day

Next day I wake up to the smell of burnt pancakes. It's Michael, trying to make pancakes.

I take over for Michael and make about 30 pancakes. I serve up and the boys scoff down about 7 pancakes each. That leaves 2 for me -_-.

"These are yummy livie!!!" Says Calum with his mouth full.

----------------skip until lunch. ----------------

The boys and I got maccas in a special private booth. Luke and I sit done while the boys order our food. Luke braved my hand and asked me pout to dinner.

"Liv, will you go to dinner with me tonight please?"

I was shocked again. I forgot about last night. I thought it was a dream!!!

"Sure!!" I say smiling like a retard.

The boys come back with out food. Ashton give me a flirty wink as I smile. I hope like doesn't think I like him only for the fame -_-

--------------------skip to dinner--------------------------------

I go to get in the car but Luke opened the door for me before I could. I don't protest. He closed the door after I got in. What a sweetheart.

The drive took ages but we arrived at a place called The Appollo and it's beautiful.

We get into the restaurant. Luke orders a Pepsi each and I said I feel sick. He took me back to the bus were I threw up everywhere.

Worst date ever.

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