5. Best Night.

I walk to my bunk upset that I ruined what was going to be the perfect date when I feel someone throw me into their bunk. I know the feelings of Luke's hand so I knew it was him. Well I thought it was him. It wasn't. It was Calum. He told me we needed to talk.

"This is straight out. I like you. A lot. Don't get upset. Please :(" Calum says.

I stop to think. OMG. 2 of my fave band members have a crush on me. It's amazing. I hope like isn't going tot be upset. I don't know who I'm in love with. I'm confused.

I tell Calum I love him but I didn't know what else to say.

"Make love to me.liv" Calum says.

Without thinking I take off my clothes.

He unbuckled his belt and stops off his clothes.

I Pulled off my underwear and slip his penis in.

"HARDER CALUM". I scream.

"COME ON LIV!!!!!" Calum screamed back at me

We suddenly reach our limits and lay back down to catch our breath. I can't believe I lost my virginity to Calum Hood.

I quickly put my clothes back on and go to the bathroom to wash up. I feel so strange. I start to bleed. Really bad. Luke knows when I get my period so I can't say I'm on my period. He will know something is up.

I walk out of the bathroom to see Luke standing there waiting for the bathroom. I hope out with a smile but it feels weird seeing him now.

He runs into the bathroom and I hear....


Ashton comes racing in and swing open the door to blood in the shower. I forgot to clean!!!!

I rush in and lie. I told them I have my period and forgot to clean.

"Liv, your period finished yesterday. You told me that you won't be such a bitch anymore until your period comes back. What's going on?"Luke asked.

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