The Christmas Ghost

"I've been in the army four years, Cadet.". The Cadet in front of me nods her head. "That's a long time, Ma'am, you're only twenty now, so that means..," her voice trails off. "That's right, Cadet, I joined when I was a mere sixteen year old.". She looks at me, admiration in her eyes. "Do you know why Papa sent me to you," she asks. "To be like me," I say with a smile.


1. December 25th, 2010

"All avalible Cadets, report to the mess hall. I repeat all cadets report to the mess hall.".

I backfliped off of my perch, landing perfectly on my feet, my dog tags making a light clinking sound and my ponytail lightly slapping me in the back. I jog with the rest of the cadets to the mess hall, the sweet Ozark mountain air warming my face and bare arms. Suddenly I pick up speed, my tactical boots pounding the gravel. 

"GUYS, THE BASE  IS BEING HACKED," I shout over my right shoulder, as I pass my XO. 

The rest of the cadets and the seasoned soldiers begin picking up the pace trying to match my stride. My boots continued to pound the gravel, even after I burst through the communications center's door. I knew where I was heading, I knew what I had to do. I brought up the program 'Code Cracker: Counter Hack' something I came up with on the side. As I watched CC:CH go to work, everyone begins staring at me, the seasoned vets whispering about me and if it was time for something. 

"No," I screeched, watching a message scroll across the screen.

"Nice try, Cadet, but not good enough, this is only my first success.". 

I leaned back against the wall in defeat, someone had actually cracked CC:CH, which is uncrackable. I was watching the base's secrets be stolen right in front of me. Me, the base's best counter hacker, among other abilities of mine and I can't do a damn thing now.

"This won't happen on my damn watch again," I whisper, pulling a laptop towards me, tracing this person.

Everyone watched me, their eyes intent on watching me. This is the last time this person does this.

"Cadets, we are issuing a new program for a certain few to try," Sgt. River says.

"We will have a list posted later that will have fifty names on it," Lt. Martin added.

"It's called the Ghost Program," Lt. Hill, finally says.

Oh, hell...


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