Its Been Years Since Me And Harry Have Been A Thing, I'm Engaged Now, And I'm Sure He Has Started His Life too. My Fiance Is Louis Tomlinson, He Has Heard Of Harry before and He Helped me with our breakup, I Remember when i was only 18 crying over Harry Styles...


1. chapter 1

*One Direction Does Not Exist In this Story*

Chapter 1


"Hey Babe..." Louis Called Me From The other room 

"Yeah?" I Answered Getting up 

As I opened my door i saw Louis In the hall Smiling Brightly

"2 More Months Until Were Married!" He Jumps As I Laugh

"I Can't Wait to Be A Tomlinson" I smiled Back 

 As Louis Leaned In To Kiss Me The Phone Rings 

"Fuck" He Swears Under his breath as i giggle and go get the phone 

* * * 

It Was Niall, I Say To Louis As I walk back into the room 

"Ah What Did He Want?" He Asked 

"Dinner Tonight? I Asked, He Said He'd Text You Details" I Smiled 

"Do You Think He Found A Girl?" Louis Looked at me As I Fell On The Couch Beside Him

"I Hope." I Say 

Louis smiles as his phone buzzes

"Dinner Is Tonight, 7... And No Girl He's Just Bringing His Friend." He Tells me  Reading from his phone 

"Did He Say Who?" 

"Zayn Malik" 

I Simply nodded as i put my head on louis shoulder and slowly dosed off 



Okay Guys! I Know Its A Very Slow Start, But It Will Get Better throughout the chapters i pinky promise!!!

So Keep Reading! Like/Favor And Fan! 

Love you guys!!! 


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