the interview

we were sitting in a room waiting for the interviewer they said she was running a little late "I'm here I'm here" we heard a girl yell "who am i interviewing?" i heard her ask "what no I'm not the one who does boy bands" we heard her say. we aren't a boy band. "put me down" she yelled just then a guy came in the room with I'm guessing the interviewer over his shoulder and put her down on a chair and walked out closing the door she looked at us and smiled "sorry about that" she said


1. chapter 1

jessica's POV

hi let me introduce myself im jessica hemmings. Yes as in luke hemmings from five seconds of summer is my brother so let me tell you about my self im about 5 feet six inches tall i have brown hair blue and brown eyes.okay now back to what is happening.

i woke up to my alarm its 10 in the morning on a Monday. i know what your thinking 'dont you have school?' well no i dont im eighteen i graduated high school and im not going to college for a few years. so anyway back to my life i got up and went into the shower i turned on the water a nice warm then got in after i striped when i got out i wrapped a towel around me and walked into my room i almost screamed as i saw my brother laying on my bed "lucas what the hell" i said walking to my closet the find some clothes to wear "sorry i need to talk to you" he said "okay go on" i said as i pulled out a out fit i went over to my dresser and got my bra and underwear "can you find a way to be out of the house today?" he asked "I'm baby sitting arriana and kyley and i was gonna just keep them here but i guess i can take them out" i said after i walked out of my closet dressed "thank you" he said and came and hugged me "yeah what ever i know you don't want me to meet the boys" i said then looked at my phone "shit i have to go" i said and ran out of my room i grabbed my compact boots and put the on i ran out to my (really fucking sexy) car its a black comarro and started i quickly (but carefully) backed out of the drive way i blasted my music and put down all my windows i was speeding down the road when i past luke's friends. weirdos xD. i finally arrived at my great nieces house and ran to the door an nocked my nephew answered the door "hey micheal I'm here for my two little angels" i said just then arriana and kyley came running down the stairs and almost tackled me in a hug i laughed "hey girls" i said "auntie jessy" the both said at the same time i giggled then they did to "have they eaten yet?" i asked my nephew shook his head no "come on girls lets go to MC Donald's" i said they screamed and ran to the car i waved bye to their parents and put them in their car seats and drove to mc Donald's we got out and i ordered them a happy meal. they ate then went and played on the play ground. about a half an hour later "arriana kyley its time to go" i called for them "we don't wanna go!" they said from the top of the playground i sighed this has happened before "fine if i come in there and i catch you then we are going to go okay?" i said they nodded their heads happily they loved when i did this i took off my shoes and went up the slide "I'm coming" i yelled giggling i was sitting in a spot where people could see me when i got a text '​you wouldn't happen to be at a mc Donald's would you?'~lukey pooky 'yeah y?'~me 'well I'm here with a friend' ~luke 'shit I'm trying to get the girls' ~me just then kyley jumped on me  "okay go down and put on your shoes while i get sissy okay" i said she nodded and went down the slide i looked out and saw luke and his friend sitting.... right next to my stuff. well shit. i quickly found arriana and we went down i was putting on my shoes "uncle luke!" the girls yelled and ran and hugged luke "shit" i mumbled after i got on my shoes "girls we have to go" i said walking over not looking at luke "but auntie jessie uncle luke is here" arriana said "wait auntie?" likes friend asked looking at me "I'm their baby sitter but they call me auntie" i said smiling at my quick thinking luke's friend nodded but he looked like he didn't believe it "no your our auntie you uncle luke's sister" arriana said i face palmed my self "no sweetie I'm not remember we discussed this I'm just a family friend" i said giving her a look that said shh "ooh right" she said and nodded "i always do that" she giggled "okay well we have to go come on girls" i said and grabbed their hands bye uncle luke and his friend" the girls said the boys waved. when we got in the car i breathed out a sigh of relief "guys when we are around uncle lukes friends you can call me auntie but to them I'm not really uncle luke's sister okay?" i asked "yes auntie jessie" they said and giggled i pulled out of my spot and drove to my house because luke and his friend was their I'm pretty sure my house is clear i pulled in the drive way and got the girls out i walked in the door "mom I'm home with the girls" i called out i walked into the kitchen with the girls and set them on chairs i heard something in the living room i put my finger to my mouth telling the girls to be quiet i grabbed the butcher knife out of a drawer and quietly walked towards the living room when i walked in i screamed i saw two guys playing video games they jumped and looked at me "who are you" we all asked each other at the same time "please don't tell me your likes friends" i groaned and put the knife down "yeah we are. why?" one asked that was tan and had dark brown hair i groaned again and walked back in the kitchen and put the knife away and grabbed the girls "come on uncle likes friends are here" i said they nodded and we started to leave the house but the two guys stopped us "I'm his nieces babysitter " i said they nodded "auntie jessie can we go to the park across the street?" kyley asked i crouched down sure sweetie do you remember what i told you in the car?" i asked "Around uncle likes friends?" she asked i nodded "yup" she said i smiled "good lets go" i said and took the girls hands and walked towards the front door "hold on i just need to changed my shoes sit on the stairs while i run up and get my sneakers" i said the girls nodded the guys were still standing there watching i rolled my eyes and ran upstairs and changed my boots into some black converse and ran back down the stairs the girls were gone "girls where are you?" i asked yelling no response i ran to the living room the guys were gone and everything was shut off i ran out side and across the street to see the boys pushing the girls in the swings i ran over to them "i need to talk to you two now" i said sending the guys looks that could kill then i went over to the girls "why don't you go play on the slides but keep where i can see you okay?" i asked they nodded and ran over to the slides then i looked back to the two boys who tower over me "you do not do that they could have been hurt or kidnapped or dead and i wouldn't know because you two idiots took them from where i told them to stay while i was changing my damn shoes what the he-" i was cut off by luke "jessica what are you doing don't yell at my friends" he said pushing me away from them "these two ass hole-" i was cut off again by someone slapping me i looked back it was luke all of his friends looked at him in shock "i said don't talk to or about my friends like that" he said through gritted teeth while I'm standing here in shock hold my hand on my burning cheek a tear escaped my eye he then looked sad and regretful "jessi-" he started but i cut him off "no save it for when you mean it lucas" i said walking away and getting the girls i put on a fake smile "come on girls its time to go home" i said they nodded and we got in the car and i drove them home when we got to their house i nocked on the door my nephew answered and i guess i had a red mark from where luke hit me because he pulled me in the house and sent the girls to their mom and he sat me on the couch "what?" i asked "who hit you?" he asked rage filling his eyes "was it a boyfriend?" he asked "i don't have one" i said "then who was it?" he asked i looked away "luke" i whispered "come on lets go" he said bringing me to my car and he got in the driver side and i got in the passenger side he quickly drove to my house then we got out of the car and went in the house the boys were in the living room laughing and joking around then they looked over i hide behind my nephew "lucas robert hemmings you are in deep shit" my nephew yelled "hey michael whats up" luke said "you hit jessica" he yelled right now i just wanted to run upstairs and cry "i tried to apologies then she said 'save it for when you mean it lucas'" he said trying to mock me in a high pitched tone i started crying and ran up stairs i ran in the bathroom and slammed and locked the door. i just sat with my back against the door crying when i heard someone nock "go away" i yelled through sobs "jessica its luke's friend ashton i was the one at MC Donald's" he said i sighed tears still streaming down my face i slid away from the door and let him in he closed the door and locked it again and slid down the door i had my knees to my chest and my arms around my legs he sighed "after you left the park luke felt really bad" he said "i don't care" i said and put my head on my knees "he started to cry he felt really bad" he said i sighed and got up and got two IB profren and took them and sat down next to ashton and put my head against the door and sighed "we were just starting to cheer him up and stuff when you guys came" he said "what ever i just need to get something then I'm leaving again" i said getting up he got up then we walked out he went down stairs and i went into my room and pack a bag full of clothes and my ear buds and phone charger and i grabbed my some cash i had hidden away that i was saving for an emergency i walked back down stairs and michael and luke were talking luke was crying i really wanted to run over to him hug him and say its okay but its not "michael lets go your daughters are probable missing you ill drop you off" i said with no emotion in my voice or on my face "why do you have a bag?" luke chocked out while he was still crying i ignored him and walked out of the house with michael we got in my car and i dropped him off at his house and drove to a close by hotel i walked in and walked up to the receptionist "hi can i get a room for one please?" i asked with a fake smile on the girl looked up and smiled "yes we have one free and sweetie you don't have to put on a fake smile your eyes give it away" she said handing me a room key i stopped fake smiling and gave her a weak real smile and went up to my room once i got in my room i plopped down on my bed i took off my shoes and got under the covers and fell asleep.
about a few hours later i was woken up by the hotel phone ringing i answered it "hello" i said "hi I'm sorry to bother you but you have a guest here that says they know you" the lady from the front desk said "whats their name?" i asked "ashton" she said "okay send him up" i said "okay" she said then i hung up i just laid there i heard the door open and i looked and saw ashton walked over to the bed and sit next to me i sat up "hi" he said "the rest of the boys are out side the door aren't they?" i asked he sighed then nodded "bring them in" i said he got up and opened the door luke ran in and tackled me in a hug i smiled and hugged him back
so hey guys this is the new version of the interview i hope you like it i just didn't really like the other one it was just eh well yeah good bye my lovelies xoxo~jessica ;)

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