My name is Peeta Mellark

*For Creative Writing In Class* My name is Peeta Mellark. . . My name is Peter Mellark. . . I come from district 12. I survived The Hunger Games, and the Quarter Quell. I have been captured by the capital. My one thought? . . . Save Katniss. **Thanks to Jade. P for the cover! **


3. Physco Lady With the Medications

As I watched Shavor walk away, my feet crumpled beneath me. My slump to the floor didn't catch Shavor's attention, which I was glad for. My head began to spin rapidly, and my world became a revolving merry-go-round.

I turned my body awkwardly to face the door, and rapped a few times. It wasn't very loud, but loud enough to catch the lady's attention from inside. Smiling, she bent over and dragged me in, not caring to grab me by my good leg.

As pain welled up inside me, I roared with the sting it gave me. When she let go of my knee, my vision blurred, and the world went black.


As I woke up, I groaned. I had had too many naps, with not enough time. I groaned again, and my vision became a little more clear. Standing and waiting beside me was a woman. She wore a moldy, holey dress, that was splattered with old remedies and pieces of herbs. Not something I would expect coming from people at the capitol. She wore no shoes, and her hair was in a tangled ponytail, with other herbs and sticks sticking out. Her cheeks were rosy red, as if she had been slapped and pinched. Her eyes were a brilliant bright blue, and freckles seemed to dance across her face. 

"I came for medicine." I said to her. For some reason, her smile disappeared. She looked down and at my leg, and then scowled, her eyebrows scrunching up.

When she looked up again, her eyes looked crazed and angry. Without expectation, she let out a roaring scream, and yelled, "He sent you! He sent you to kill me!" She slammed her fist into my gut and rammed into me. Then, pushing me down, she pulled out a knife.

Her eyes were still crazed, but now they held a sorrowfull worried look. It reminded me of Katniss. I remembered her eyes, crazed and worried as I hit the forcefield. I had almost died then. I was about to die now. 

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