My name is Peeta Mellark

*For Creative Writing In Class* My name is Peeta Mellark. . . My name is Peter Mellark. . . I come from district 12. I survived The Hunger Games, and the Quarter Quell. I have been captured by the capital. My one thought? . . . Save Katniss. **Thanks to Jade. P for the cover! **


6. Grins

I looked hideous in that ridiculous white shirt with the ruffles stretching up my neck. I scratched and itched at it. No use. Finally, giving up, I picked up the wrinkled pictures of Katniss and stuffed them into the sleeve. I glanced at the burnt covers of the bed once more before knocking on the door.

Who I found was not my guard, but the man of my nightmares. President Snow gave me a wide grin, and held out his hand. It was a small piece of parchment, but easy enough to see that inside was my death lines. I quickly took the paper and looked at it. The words bounced in my head, pounding, pounding. 

Finally, I took a long deep breath. I looked up to Snow's Grin, and headed out to the room where the fate of Panem awaited.


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