Fire and Ice.

Elsa thought that she was the only one with powers. And so did Anna. And so did the town of Arendelle, until one day Anna gets overwhelmed, and she loses control, and that is the day, everyone finds out she has powers, too, like Elsa. BUT....the opposite.


1. Anna and Elsa's past

Anna's P.O.V:

hi, I am Anna, the princess of a town called Arendelle.

me and Elsa, my sister, were really close as children. but one day, she accidentally struck me with her powers. from then on, she shut me out.... I never knew why.

our parents had to leave on a ship. a horrible storm killed our parents. years later, I was SO excited! they were finally opening up the gates, because it was Elsa's orientation! I was so excited.

on my way to the orientation, I met this guy, and he was a prince. it was love at first sight! here's how it went.

I was singing, and running, not paying attention and I ran into him and his horse...we had an awkward meeting. we were falling on top of each other and everything. I went on my way to the orientation.

They put me real close to Elsa... I didn't feel right, because it was like I didn't even know her, because she shut me out for so long.

later on, I decided I wanted to marry this guy. Elsa didn't approve. I kept bothering her and bothering her, and finally, she burst into ice powers....she put a wall of sharp, pointy ice...that's how I found out she had powers.



Hello, this is my first story. I'm sorry, the first chapter is kind of cheesy. but for the next chapters, I will do better. I promise, it will get better! :3

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