Fire and Ice.

Elsa thought that she was the only one with powers. And so did Anna. And so did the town of Arendelle, until one day Anna gets overwhelmed, and she loses control, and that is the day, everyone finds out she has powers, too, like Elsa. BUT....the opposite.


2. A boring day to a fun day

It was another beautiful day in Arendelle. The people of the town seemed a little bored today, babies crying, children doing nothing, parents and adults walking around, doing errands. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf were bored too. Elsa was just sitting, playing a little with her powers. Anna was just sitting around with Kristoff, and Olaf was just playing with his little personal snow cloud that Elsa gave him a while back.

Elsa's POV:

I sighed.

"theres NOTHING to do." I said to myself. then I started to think..."wait, its summer, its a beautiful day, its hot, people want to cool down.... I have ice powers, DUH!"

so I ran to Anna, and also Kristoff, because he is always with her. "Anna, can you please go ring the bell? I want to make an announcement and do something."

"of course!" Anna said, looking glad that she had something to do now. The bell was a huge..well...BELL in the middle of the town. it is really loud, and we use it for emergencies, announcements, and gatherings.

I stood next to Anna, thinking of what to say. she pulled the string to ring the bell. Me, Kristoff, and Anna closed our ears. it was loud, especially standing right next to it. soon a big crowd of people gathered around us.

"Hello everyone! I was here watching the town, and everyone looks a little bored. I know I am!" I yelled.

the whole town screamed back "YEAH!"

are you guys ready to cool down on this scorching hot day?

the town screamed back again. "YEAH!"

I got my powers ready. I stomped, and turned the ground into an ice skating rink. I also made it snow, because, why not?

I made skates appear on everyone's feet. This boring day is starting to turn into something fun!

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