Zodiac killer

This is based in a true story (movellas won't let me pick 'true story' just fiction) This will be updated.


1. The first kill.

-This is based on a true story- 

October 12th 1966 was a normal day. The sun leaked through the glass and awakened many still sleeping. The fresh air made you feel alive. The weather was good for October, but then it would be California. 

It was Wednesday, many people where going to work in their freshly ironed blouses, brief case and all. Others where left to stay home, or go to school. 

Mindy, seventeen years old recently got her drivers licence and felt privileged when driving to school and back. Not many other students had their own car, and if they did it was usually their family's to share. Her car was a mini, the most they could afford but she still loved it, it was her own and she was going to treasure it. As she slowly parked the car, still getting used to it, her eyes where fixed on the mirror, trying to get it perfect. Once she succeeded she took one step out of her car, smiled at it, shut the door, locked it and double checked. She carefully put her newly bought keys into her black fake leather bag, which cleverly went with the rest of her outfit. A light blue top and a black skirt with small heels, trying to be practical but not necessary succeeding. 
She looked at the school building and sighed: another boring day. She took a deep breath, held her head high and walked in, waving to many of her other friends along the way. 

Mindy walked into the school as if she owned it and quickly went along to the school library, the only place where she could study in peace. Her eyes met the biology section and her finger scanned each one of the old battered books. Finally, she laid her hands on one of them, looked at the cover disapprovingly and took a seat. Mindy opened her book to the contents and looked for 'health'. Once she had she turned to the right page, which was thirty three, She took a quick look at the page, let her eyes adjust and started to read, she yawned as she did so. 

By the time she felt like she had read enough it had been an hour and half. She looked at her watch, then back at the book and said to her self 'screw it'. She slowly put her book back in the right place, taking her a couple of minutes to do so. 

'Bye.' Mindy told the librarian who only realised she had spoken to her once she had left the room. Her eyes looked up and down as if she was suddenly unaware of where she was but soon managed to calm down. 

Mindy walked straight to the girls room, which was about thirty feet away from where she had nearly fallen asleep. She pushed the door open, surprised that no one else was in there. Mindy walked to the nearest mirror, put her bag down next to the basin and stared at her self. Mindy made sure her hair wasn't at all messed up, her face still had enough product on it and then she felt her dry lips. She quickly opened up her bag and got her rouge lipstick. Once she had applied it Mindy dropped it straight back into her bag, zipped it up, smiled at her reflection and left. 

Mindy felt the need to nearly drag her feet along as her shoes started to rub against her. 'God damn it' she said to herself. 

Once she was back in the car park again, she reached for her car keys, nearly dropped them, but caught them just in time. She unlocked the car, got in, put her bag down on the seat next to her and shut the car door. She slowly put her seat belt on, checking all of the mirrors. Mindy let out a little cough just as she started the car, but nothing happened. She tried again, still nothing. Her heart raced and felt so foolish, thinking it was her own fault in some way. 

Mindy hadn't a clue what to do and opened up the bonnet to try and come to a conclusion. Mindy automatically had a confused face just looking at all of the parts needed in a car. Nothing looked wrong to her and she slammed the bonnet back down. She turned around to see a man right in front of her. 'You need help?' The man asked, pale skin, brown eyes and glasses. 
'My car won't start.' Mindy answered. 
'I'll be happy to check it out.' He told her as he got into the car. He tried starting it and all he could hear was silence. 'I think I know what it is.' He told Mindy.
'Yeah? What?' She asked wondering how he could think of a diagnosis so quickly.
'It's the battery terminal cable connections.' The man answered. Mindy looked confused again. 'The what?' She asked. He quickly opened up the bonnet of her red car and pointed to something. 'Look it's corroded.' The unknown man told her. Mindy tried to see but he wouldn't let her, he put the bonnet down again. A pair of pliers fell out of his pocket. 'What are they for?' Mindy asked as he stuffed them back in his pocket. 'Oh.. It's nothing.' He told her as he looked down on her. 'Do you want a lift home?' The man asked.
'Thank You for trying to help and all but I'll try and get a ride with one of my friends.' Mindy told him. He quickly looked inpatient and annoyed. 'I insist.' He said with a kinda scary smile on his face. 'Ok.' Mindy said as she walked up to him. 
'What's your name?' The man asked.
'Mindy, you?' 
"You don't need to know my name." He told her.
'Tell me, I wanna know.' Mindy raised her voice a little whilst slowing down. 
'You really wanna know who I am?' The man asked, looking more annoyed than before. 'Yes.' Mindy told him as she wondered if she said the right thing.
'Ok then.' The man said. 

Mindy screamed at the top of her lungs, whilst staring at him. She felt the blood in her hands. The man had stabbed her. 'I'm the person who's gonna watch you die.' She quickly let out another scream and felt the mascara run down her face as her leg was sliced. 'Why are you doing this?' She asked the man wearily. He didn't reply. He just kept on stabbing her. Mindy cried for help, but no one heard, the car park was quite far away from the school building. Finally, when her body was soaked in blood the knife sunk into her skull, which made an unpleasant cracking sound. She laid there motionless, her body had been emptied, literally. Her eyes where open, he hadn't the decency to show respect for the innocent teenager he just murdered. 

This is how the Zodiac killer started. 

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