When he came into my life

He starts to lean in and I do the same. Next thing I know his lips are crashed on mine.

"I love you." He says

"I love you too." I whisper back.


10. Valentine's Day Dance (pt 2)




*Night of the Dance*


Stephanie's POV


I stand there blank at my wardrobe, thinking what to wear to the dance.


"Boo!" Olivia screams


"What the hell Liv!" I scream back


"Hehe.....Whatcha doing?"


"Picking an outfit for the dance." I reply


She walks out of my room, returning seconds later with a short ocean blue dress. Then she walks over to my wardrobe and gets my white heels and my Silver layer necklace.


"This dress is from mum." She says



"It's gorgeous." I answer in shock


"I gotta go, me and Lindsey are going to the movies." She says skipping out of my room.


I shut my door and but the outfit on, walk up to my mirror and look at myself. Woah, I look pretty good if I say so myself.


Make-up wise I put little some mascara and nude pink lipstick. Then I hear a knock at their door.

That must be Ashton. I walk out of my room and head down stairs in to the living room where I see a smart looking Ashton in a suit black suit and holding a corsage that surprising matches my eyes and dress


His mouth dropped

"you look absolutely stunning." he says as he walks closer toward me Slowly his arm snakes around my waist. He begins to lean just as my mum walks in. He quickly moves away as she comes toward us. 

"Ok you kids go and have fun now." she smiles


"thanks mum" i say as ashton and i walk out the front door...


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