When he came into my life

He starts to lean in and I do the same. Next thing I know his lips are crashed on mine.

"I love you." He says

"I love you too." I whisper back.


5. Lets Go

Let's Go

Stephanie's POV

My eyes flutter open to reveal a snoring Gemma. I take one glance at my phone. 8:30am.

"Oh Shit." I yell "Gemma we gotta get up, it's 8:30."

"What?" Gemma yawns out

"School starts in 15 minutes!" I scream in her ear.

"Let's go." She replies

We quickly grab our bags and run out the door to my car. I can't be late again.

We arrive at school 5 minutes early for once. We go to out lockers and hang out there till the bell goes for first class.

Then we are approached by "The Group"

Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton

All the boys but Ashton walk past us. Ashton walks up to me and says...

"Look Stephanie, I have been meaning to ask you something." He says

"What?" I reply

"Would you wanna go out on Friday night?" He asks

I stand there shocked. Ashton Irwin asked me out. One of the top school bullies asked me out.

"Umm......yeh sure." I answer

"Great." He says " I will pick you up at 8."

"Bye." I reply

What did I just get my self into?

Short A/N

Hey guys

Thank you for all the comments. That really helps me keep writing.

Sorry for the short chapter. Ran out of Ideas.

Is there anything you would like to see happen on the date? Comment your ideas.

Update soon


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