When he came into my life

He starts to lean in and I do the same. Next thing I know his lips are crashed on mine.

"I love you." He says

"I love you too." I whisper back.


4. Issues

Sephanies POV

"Hey wanna come to my place after school." Gemma asks

"Yeh, sure." I reply "Let me tell my mum then we can go."

S- Hey mum I am going to Gem's house.

M- Ok, be home by 10.

S- Ok, thx

"Let's go." I say walking to my car

As we are driving another car pulls up next to us. I take a look and realise who it is. Luke Hemmings.

I keep driving till we get to Gemma's house.

When we arrive at Gemma's House we get out of the car and walk towards her house. Likes car pulls up next to us. He gets out and grabs my hand.

"Let Go." I scream

He has a really tight grip. He raises his other hand and smashes it on my wrist.

"Ouch!" I yelp

I turn around and kick him in the stomach. He falls to the ground and we run to Gemma's house.

We run upstairs into her bedroom. When I get in there I fall onto her bed laughing.

"I can't believe you did that." She says "Know one has ever stood up to him like that before."

"Neither can I." I whisper has I am heavily breathing.

I take a look on my arm. It is turning a purple blue colour

"I will get some I be for that."

Gemma lunches forward and out of her room. A few moments later knocks open the door and puts some ice on my wrist.

We order some pizza and decide to watch movies

"Let's watch Finding Nemo!" I yell

"Yes." Gemma reply's

We put in the movie, sit and watch.

When the movie is over I text my mum and say that I am sleeping over at Gemma's house.

We walk into Gemma's room and lie on her bed. We talk and gossip all night until we drift off to sleep.

Ashton's POV

"What should I do?" I ask Michael

He is my best friend and the only one who knows about my crush on Stephanie. I want to ask her out sometime but every time I approve her she just runs away cause she is scared that If I am with Luke he would hurt her.

I need to ask Stephanie out, Luke maybe a issue with this. I am always around him and If we all walk up to her she will just try to run away.

"I am going to do it." I say with pride

"When?" Michael asks

"Friday." I say "that gives me time it plan it out."

"What if she rejects you." He says

"Let hope she doesn't." I reply

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