Under The Mistletoe - Christmas Imagine

You remember the first time you saw him.
It was a Christmas gala-thing and he was standing in a corner with his friends, laughing. When his eyes caught yours, you quickly looked away and went to your friends. Then when a slow song came through the speakers, you felt a poke on your shoulder and you saw the guy from before. He asked if you wanted to dance with him and almost got pushed out on the dance floor by your friends.
When you had been dancing for while you saw the guy look up, then you looked up and saw a mistletoe. Blushing you removed your eyes from the mistletoe and into these caramel, light brown eyes of his. Then he asked, if you would mind. You shook your head smiling, no. With his hands around your waist and yours around his neck, he slowly came closer and your lips slightly touched, not a kiss. And then he moved his hand to your neck holding it as he slowly leaned in and your lips touched in a romantic kiss.


10. December 8th

December 8th

*Justin's POV*

"Mom I messed up so badly" you exclaim, "I mess up every single time.." "Sweetie what did you do?" she asks. "I danced with a lot of women and got drunk right after *y/n* went home" you sigh and fall into her arms. You really miss her being with you, treating you as a little kid.
"Why did you do that?" she exclaims. You shrug, "I have no idea.. Apparently I have to have some kind of attention from women.. And when she ain't there something happens to me.. I don't know what it is... But it always ruins our relationship.."
"Sweetie I think you need a break.. Where you just focus on you and *y/n*.. It doesn't seem to go well when you're apart" she smiles. "I know but I have this tour to finish" you sigh. "But it ruins you" she exclaims. "No it doesn't... It's the paps and the media.. It's not the fact that I get to perform in front of people that loves me every night" you say kinda annoyed. "I don't know what to do sweetie" your mom sighs. "Me neither" you look down. "Surprise her... Do something... Talk to Scooter and make him get you off sooner" she says.
"I can't mom I don't wanna disappoint my beliebers" you say and look at her. "Sometimes you have to.. Sometimes it ain't always good to make other people happy.. You have to take care of yourself also.. I think you should cancel a concert.. In fact I'm gonna talk to Scooter right now.. Where is he?" she smiles. "Just down the hallway" you say.

*Your POV*

How can he do this, you think really angrily. "He is such an asshole" you sniffle as you post the video of him dancing with other women on Insta with three dots as a caption.
Then some time after it's all over the Internet. And then you see a picture of Justin and his mom at the airport. Justin doesn't look happy. Probably hangover from last night, you thought.
Then you see a tweet from Justin saying nothing but three words, I am sorry. Everybody knows who that is for. It's for you. "Stupid Justin.. Why do you always have to end it like this?"

*Justin's POV*

"Justin you can get off one day earlier.. You can get off the 22nd and then you can go and see *y/n*" your mom exclaims happily. "But she hates me.. And my beliebers will hate me" you sigh.
"Think about yourself Justin" she says, "just once.. You never do that.. You always care a lot about how you can make people happy and I'm sure people appreciate that, but you have to do something for yourself also.. Just do as I say.. I swear it'll make everything batter..." You look at her, "I don't know mom..." "Please just do it" she smiles, "for me and *y/n*... I know she'll appreciate you being home. Then you can spend Christmas Eve together.."
"But as you said.. I'll do it for you and I'll do it *y/n*... You see again not for me... I wanna perform" you exclaim. "I'm sorry.. I wish I could make everything okay again" she sighs.
"Look she even posted that video of me" you exclaim and show it to your mom. "Sweetie she's just disappointed and sad.. She doesn't hate you.. I prom-" "mom I told her that it was over.. I wouldn't do it again.. These were new days.. And that I was sorry about the roller coaster we've been on.. And then I mess up.."
"Justin.. Call her.. And say sorry again.. Tell her how much you love her... Even though she doesn't wanna listen it means a lot to be told.. And tell her the good news," your mom tries, "and you better do it now because rehearsal starts in an hour.." You groan, "I don't wanna rehearsal.. I've done the same the past two years I can do it again.." "You have to.. To hear the sound and so on.. Now call her" she smiles and gets up, then walks out.
You find your phone and call her.

"Justin why are you calling me?" she says angrily.

"I wanna tell you how sorry I am.. I want you to know that I'm really sorry and I have no right to blame on anything but myself.. I know it's stupid... I keep messing up and it breaks my heart every time, because I know how much it hurts you... I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I've never ever met a girl like you before.. It was love at first sight.. And I fall in love with you again every single time I look at you.. I just knew that you were the girls of my dreams.. And you are.. And will always be.. I promise you.. Nobody can take that away from me or you.. No matter how hard they try.. I won't let 'em... I know I can't promise you anything.. But I can say that I'll do my very best to not hurt you again.. That way.. I know it's over if I do" you say.

She sniffles, "do you even know how hard this is? You're making me so happy by telling me this but I know deep inside that you're just gonna break my heart again... I know I shouldn't be doing this.. I shouldn't be with you... But something is telling me that I can't leave you.. I know I have to leave you but I can't.. You're making it so hard for me.."

"I know.. I know you feel this way.. That's why I brought my mom here.. To take care of me.. And by the way.. I have to tell you something really important" you say.

"What is it?" she asks.

"I wanted it to be a surprise but I don't think it can wait.. I'm coming home the 22nd instead of 24th" you say kinda excited.

"Really?" she says in disbelief, "you aren't just trying to make me happy?"

"Nope.. It's for real.. My mom talked with Scooter.. You're more important than this tour" you smile.

"Oh my god.. It's too good to be true.. Then you'll be home at Christmas Eve?" she exclaims.

"I will baby... I'll get off the 22nd so I can be home by the 23rd or something" you say happily.

"This is so great... But remember I'm still mad at you.." she says.

"I know.. But I was hoping that we could forget because honestly I'm really embarrassed.." you try.

"No Justin... You have to talk to a shrink about this problem of yours.. Because it sounds like a decease" she says.

"You say I'm crazy? I don't wanna go to a shrink" you say annoyed.

"Justin please do it for me! And for yourself!" she begs.

"Maybe" you say.

"Okay well see ya.." she says.

"I love you *y/n*" you quickly say before she hangs up.

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