Under The Mistletoe - Christmas Imagine

You remember the first time you saw him.
It was a Christmas gala-thing and he was standing in a corner with his friends, laughing. When his eyes caught yours, you quickly looked away and went to your friends. Then when a slow song came through the speakers, you felt a poke on your shoulder and you saw the guy from before. He asked if you wanted to dance with him and almost got pushed out on the dance floor by your friends.
When you had been dancing for while you saw the guy look up, then you looked up and saw a mistletoe. Blushing you removed your eyes from the mistletoe and into these caramel, light brown eyes of his. Then he asked, if you would mind. You shook your head smiling, no. With his hands around your waist and yours around his neck, he slowly came closer and your lips slightly touched, not a kiss. And then he moved his hand to your neck holding it as he slowly leaned in and your lips touched in a romantic kiss.


20. December 16th

*Your POV*

"Hey Bieber" you smile at him, "how are ya?" "I'm perfect and you babe?" he pecks your lips and slightly bites your lip, making you gasp. He chuckles, "don't you like when I bite your lip?" "Don't know" you wink and sit down. He sits down beside you, "what about I try again babe?" You shrug and giggle. He strokes your cheek and pulls you into a kiss and then bites your lip making you gasp. Then he smirks and starts making out with you.  

"I love you babe" he says very drunkly. Alfredo and him had a boys night out and drunk too much. "Did you have fun?" you giggle and help him, sit down. He nods, "but my leg hurts.." "What did you do?" you ask him, kinda worried. "Nothing" he chuckled very drunkly. Oh yeah he has a broken leg, you think. "Did you flirt with anyone?" you ask looking at him. He thinks for moment, "we weren't even at a club babe.. We were out shooting and then we um... Oh yeah we were at a club and maybe I did flirt with someone... But it wasn't you so.." You sigh, "I know it wasn't me.." "I'm sorry if I did anything.. I can't remember" he says. "It's okay Jus" you stroke his hair. Poor baby this fame really ruined you, you think as you look at him. You feel yourself tear up and quickly stand up. "What's wrong" he mumbles and grabs your hand. You sniffle, "nothing.. I'm perfectly fine.." "C'mon princess" he murmurs and pulls you onto his lap. You bury your face into his chest and let the tears run down your cheeks, "I can't do this anymore.."
"What can't you do anymore?" he strokes your hair. "This.. Seeing you restless and drunk and famous, looking like a wreck... Justin this isn't good for you" you sob. "No no baby don't say that... It's gonna be okay" he pulls you closer. He knows what you're about to do. He hasn't done anything wrong the time you've spent together this time at all. It's just when you've had a whole night for yourself you do think a lot. 
"I can't let go" he says. "Justin I-" "no don't leave me *y/n*.." "Please let me make it up to you" he begs. You slowly get out of his grip and look at him, "please don't make this harder for me, than it already is!" "But I don't want you to leave me" he exclaims as the tears start streaming down his cheeks, "what have I done this time? Tell me.." "Nothing.. I just had a bunch of time to think it all through" you sniffle, "I hate to say this but I can't do this anymore.. It's over Justin.. I'm breaking up with you.." "No you're not" he cried out in disbelief, "'cuz I won't let you.." "If you know what's best for me Justin you will" you sob. "I know... I want you to be someone that can treat you right.. But I can't imagine you being with anybody but me" he cries. "I'm gonna ask Scooter if I can come home tomorrow" you say as you leave him alone. 

*Justin's POV*

Did she just break up with me or is it just a dream, you think. "Please let it be a dream" you sob. "Hey man everything okay?" you hear Alfredo's voice. "Leave me alone" you shout, "I shouldn't have left her alone.." "What are you talking about bro?" he asks. "Shut up," you shout at him again, "because we left her alone at home she thought about our relationship and now it's over.. She isn't my girlfriend anymore.." Then you break down in tears. Everything's a blur, nothing make sense. "What?" he says in disbelief. "She isn't my girlfriend anymore" you sob and smash your hand into the wall, "she isn't my girlfriend anymore.." "I'm so sorry man.. I know how much she means to you" he tries. You look angrily at him. 

*Your POV*

"Get out" you hear Justin's voice shout angrily. "You gotta talk about it" you hear Alfredo's voice say calmly. "There's nothing to talk about.. I've lost her.. I've lost everything" Justin shouts. "Not yet.. She still loves you bro.." Alfredo tries. "You don't get it.. This is like the 4th time she gives me another chance... And by the way I treat her badly" he exclaims annoyed, "she has no reason to stay.." You feel bad for doing this, but you have to. For yourself. 
"I'm sorry Justin.. I'm leaving in 3 hours" you interrupt their conversation as you step into the room. Justin looks at you, "please don't do this.. You're serious? Really?" You avoid looking at him and start packing your stuff, "I'm serious Justin I can't do this anymore.." 

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