Under The Mistletoe - Christmas Imagine

You remember the first time you saw him.
It was a Christmas gala-thing and he was standing in a corner with his friends, laughing. When his eyes caught yours, you quickly looked away and went to your friends. Then when a slow song came through the speakers, you felt a poke on your shoulder and you saw the guy from before. He asked if you wanted to dance with him and almost got pushed out on the dance floor by your friends.
When you had been dancing for while you saw the guy look up, then you looked up and saw a mistletoe. Blushing you removed your eyes from the mistletoe and into these caramel, light brown eyes of his. Then he asked, if you would mind. You shook your head smiling, no. With his hands around your waist and yours around his neck, he slowly came closer and your lips slightly touched, not a kiss. And then he moved his hand to your neck holding it as he slowly leaned in and your lips touched in a romantic kiss.


17. December 14th

December 14th

*Justin's POV*

"Morning babe" you stroke her cheek, smiling. "Morning superstar" she yawns and looks at you. She has always been beautiful in the mornings, even though everyone says that everyone is ugly in the mornings, she isn't. She's so beautiful and natural. She cuddles up to you, her back facing you. You put your arms around her and peck her neck. 

Half an hour later you lie like spoons in a drawer. It's nice to lie like this, you think. "I love you princess" you mumble into her shoulder. "Love you too Jus" she murmurs.

*Your POV*

You slowly open your eyes and realize Justin is completely tangled into you. His leg is between yours and the broken leg is laying on top of all the legs. One of his hands is on your breast and the other arm's around your waist. And his head is buried into your neck. You giggle and wait for him to wake up, but unfortunately it's taking him long time waking up. 
And when he finally does you're half asleep.
"How the fuck did we end up this way" he chuckles and removes himself from you. "Don't know" you can't help but laugh. "No offense but I would never lay this close with anyone if I'm awake" he says. "Me neither" you giggle, "it's too like.. Close.." He nods in agreement, "exactly." 

"You gotta go to rehearsals soon Bieber" Scooter says and looks at Justin, "so you better get out of that bed.." "I know Scooter.." Justin groans, "just give me 10 minutes and I'll be out of here.." "Okay Bieber.. See ya in 10" he walk away. "Have we really been laying in bed all day?" you ask smiling. "I guess so" he smiles at you, "it was nice.. We're gonna have to do that again.." "Differently" you smile and pecks his lips. "Love you princess" he smiles and gets up. "I'm coming with you.. By the way can your mom come too.. Just so I have someone to talk to also" you say. "Sure you can ask her when you've got ready then you can come and see me.. I'll have to go in a minute.. So you can come when you're ready babe" he says. "Okay I'll see you later" you peck his lips. He smiles at you, "I love you to death baby.." "Love you more.." "Not possible he shouts on his way out. You can't stop smiling. You love him so much. 
Well you get ready and go find Pattie and ask her if she wanna come too. 

Rehearsals went great and now it's time for the real stuff. There's 2 seconds till he's gonna go on stage. "I'm so excited" you exclaim as you look at Pattie. "You haven't seen him perform in forever right?" she asks. You shake your head, "nope.. But I bet he's amazing.." "He is" his mom smiles. 

He's gonna sing baby but before that he starts talking, "I wanna let everyone know that there's is this girl I love to death and she's standing in the audience with my mom... I know I've been a fool.. I'm sorry once again.. But I love you.. I love you so much.. *y/n* you're the love of my life.."
You can't help but cry as he says that. He says it out loud. Everyone heard it. Some recorded it. Everyone will know. The whole world will hear those words. 

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