Under The Mistletoe - Christmas Imagine

You remember the first time you saw him.
It was a Christmas gala-thing and he was standing in a corner with his friends, laughing. When his eyes caught yours, you quickly looked away and went to your friends. Then when a slow song came through the speakers, you felt a poke on your shoulder and you saw the guy from before. He asked if you wanted to dance with him and almost got pushed out on the dance floor by your friends.
When you had been dancing for while you saw the guy look up, then you looked up and saw a mistletoe. Blushing you removed your eyes from the mistletoe and into these caramel, light brown eyes of his. Then he asked, if you would mind. You shook your head smiling, no. With his hands around your waist and yours around his neck, he slowly came closer and your lips slightly touched, not a kiss. And then he moved his hand to your neck holding it as he slowly leaned in and your lips touched in a romantic kiss.


16. December 13th

December 13th


*Your POV*

It's 6am and there's two hours till you're going to the airport to meet your lovely boyfriend. You can't wait to see him. And his broken leg though. You're gonna tease him, you know it. "Sweetie are you ready? We're leaving in one and a half hour" your mom shouts. "I'm done soon" you shout back.
"Love you" your mom says, "and tell him to get better soon.." "Love you too mom.. And I will" you smile. "Have fun" she smiles. "I will" you smile back and turn around, to see Justin. You grab your suitcases and walk towards him smiling. You look down and see his broken leg. He hate the broken leg already. You can feel it.
"Hey babe" he pecks your lips. "Hey Jus.. How's your leg?" you can't help but giggle. "Don't even think about teasing me.. Alfredo has been taking care of that the past few days" he smiles. "Well then I would like to say sorry now.. Because I might do it though" you giggle and pecks his cheek. He chuckles, "got it babe... Well I'm ready to go.. And by the way your mom is still here.." You turn around and see your mom looking at you. "Hey mrs. *y/l/n*" Justin calls, "I hope you're okay with me boring your daughter for a few days.."
Your mom smiles at him, "it's okay.. I know you'll take good care of her.." "I'll try my very best ma'am" he chuckles and waves. "Bye mom" you call. "Bye sweetie" she smiles and walks away.
"Well we'd better get going princess" he pecks your lips once again, before grabbing your hand and starts hobbling.
"For how long are you gonna have this boot on?" you ask. You're on the airplane on the way to Italy. He shrugs, "maybe 6 weeks.." You smile at him and put your head on his shoulder. You really miss being with him all the time. "I've missed you" he mumbles into your hair. "I've missed you too" you murmur. "Now I have a freaking broken leg" he hisses, then whispers, "the doctor said I couldn't make love to you.. But we'll find a way anyway.." You giggle, "you asked about it?" "Of cause" he chuckles, "but we'll find a way.." "You're completely uninhibited" you say, "you don't have anything telling you that you can't do this.. Or anything telling you that this might be embarrassing.." "Of cause I have... Sometimes they just aren't there.. And sometimes the words come out of my mouth before I even get to think" he tells you. You sit up and look at him, "I know Justin.." He strokes your cheek smiling at you, "you're the only girl I ever want.." "And you're the only boy I ever want.." you blush. "Thanks princess" he pecks your forehead pulling you close to him, "I love you *y/n*.."
*Justin's POV*
As she sits there laughing at something she found on her phone, you just fall in love with her all over again. You just admire the girl you really love and you're so grateful that she's yours. She's all you ever want. You can feel it all the way done in your stomach. You feel these butterflies all over your stomach. You're so lucky to call her your girlfriend. You feel so lucky. Not many girls would've stayed after all you did to her.
You know she can't leave you but she wants to sometimes. You know that she cries herself to sleep because of what you do. You know she sits up all night think about your relationship. You know it's all your fault and it kills you that you can't help it. You don't even know what is going on in your head when you do it. You guess you miss *y/n* and then imagine it's her standing there dancing beside you and against you, but it never is.
"I'm sorry" you suddenly say. She looks weird at you, "for what?" "For causing you this pain" you tell her. You don't remember apologizing to her face to face. "It's okay Ju-" "no it's not okay.. I'm really sorry.. Truly sorry I want you to know that.. I'm an as shoe and I don't get why you're still with me.. I must be an awful boyfriend.." You're close to tears. And she can see it. "It's almost funny how ridiculous I'm acting when you aren't around.. I'm like a 14 year old virgin or something.." She puts a hand your shoulder, "it's okay.. Truly.. It's wonderful having you as a boyfriend Justin.. You have no idea.. Sure you make me wanna kill you sometimes.. And sure you can make me sad.. But when I'm with you I forget all of it... It's like all that matters is us.. And I'm all you ever want.. You make me feel that way.. Like I'm the only one.."
"I wanna make sure that you know that you're the only one.. Even though it might not seem like it, you are.. You're the only thing that matters.. I don't what it wrong with me.. It's frustrating" you tell her. She smiles at you, "thank you Justin.. For everything.. For saying sorry that way.." "You're welcome beautiful" you peck her cheek, making her smile. "Now let's find out a way to make love with this boot on" you mumble. She laughs at you, "couldn't agree more.." You chuckle at your words, "well my mom helped me getting my pants on.. Now you can help me.." "Baby boy" she pouts, "do you want mommy to take off your pants for you?" "Yes please" you say.
"Well by the way you have shorts on so it's pretty easy Biebs" she laughs again. "Oh yeah" you smile, "take 'em off anyway.. They have to get off anyway.."
Now you're all naked and you're trying to find a position, where it won't hurt you. "We could sit up against the wall" you mumble. You sit down against the wall and she sits down on your lap making you both moan. "That works" she breaths out.
"That's what we'll do for 6 weeks.." you stroke her cheek. She giggles, "I don't hope so.." "Well of cause I can do this" you rub her womanhood. "Oh yeah" she breaths out closing her eyes.
"And I can do this" she smirks when you're done giving her the hand job. She finds your buddy also called Jerry, and starts stroking it, making you moan loudly. She hasn't done that in a long time.
"I love you babe" you pull her into a passionate kiss and push her up against the wall. You just wanna kiss her. You stand on your right foot. "I love you too Justin" she smiles when you pulls away. "I hope so" you whisper before kissing her again.

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