Gnomie's Christmas Drabbles

A drabble a day- 99-100 words of pure randomness, and vaguely christmas related stuff. Prompt provided by @RueThisDay


5. December 5th.

  'Lipstick Stains'                                                                              

Scrubbing last night's dishes, which weren't even hers, Alice wondered why her roommate couldn't have just washed them herself. There seemed to be twice as much to wash up, considering that Jamie'd had the place to herself for the day. There was a weird burgundy smudge on a spoon and fork. And on a wine glass. But it was quite thick really. And had the texture of lipstick. Actually, it was. Why was Jamie wearing lipstick? She must've had someone round. Someone special enough to make an effort and wear lipstick for. This was going to make an interesting conversation.                                   

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