Gnomie's Christmas Drabbles

A drabble a day- 99-100 words of pure randomness, and vaguely christmas related stuff. Prompt provided by @RueThisDay


3. December 3rd.

  'Nothing to remember' 

"Please tell me you haven't forgotten the mince pies"                                 

"For the third time- I've got them!" She grumbled an apology. Slipping over the ice in stilettos, she tried to remember why she'd gone through all the trouble.  When she'd introduced him to her parents, it was because they bumped into each-other in the meat aisle of Tesco's. Yet here she was, nearly spilling the platter of home-made goodies onto the sludgy pavement. Apparently it wasn't just her who was stressing                      

"Did you remember-"                                                                                 

"There's nothing else I need to remember. We've got this."                      

That was what they thought.

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