Gnomie's Christmas Drabbles

A drabble a day- 99-100 words of pure randomness, and vaguely christmas related stuff. Prompt provided by @RueThisDay


2. December 2nd.

 'You are not alone'

 I could barely sleep last night. Even after fourteen years , Christmas excited me beyond belief. Yet those five hours felt like a whole night.                                                                         
Acceptable aged five, possibly six, but as soon as we hit seven, it was 'childish'. Being 'cool' and 'grown up' ruined an entire tradition. By telling ourselves, and others, our belief slowly began to dwindle. Its funny what children will believe. The whole Santa thing really is cute.  

Woken by an unfamiliar voice, its milk stench, and a bristly white beard tickled me as it murmured                                                                                         
"You are not alone in your refusal to believe"                  



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