Gnomie's Christmas Drabbles

A drabble a day- 99-100 words of pure randomness, and vaguely christmas related stuff. Prompt provided by @RueThisDay


1. December 1st.

'What they think'

Christmas is a time for spreading cheer. I definitely think so. Its the highlight of my year. Of everyone's. Yet why, on December 1st, do I stagger in, basket of decorations precariously balanced on my left arm, to find that none of my colleges are clad in Rudolph jumpers, and draping tinsel around their monitor screens? I'm really not sure.                                                        A small cough behind me.                                                                                                                           

Mug in hand, he gazes disapprovingly at my festive decorations.                                          

"Caroline, what's with the whole..." He gestures with his free hand. He saunters off, and adds

"And by the way, that tinsel really stinks."

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