White Ground and White Air

We all love the warmth of Christmas (when we're indoors), so let's remind ourselves of the beauties this holidays brings. The family reunion at a Christmas dinner and its wonderous, memorable cheer. This poem will enlighten the Christmas heart within us all (religious or not!).


1. White Ground and White Air

Christmas dinner on a finely furnished wooden table, my reflection beaming at me,

Celebrations heard from all corners of the table as the crackers are broken and the prizes pop out,

Sounds of happy voices from conversations galore, all in melody with each other,

The announcement of the big food show,

Everyone watching the Turkey steam evaporate into the air,

Eyes closed, mouth-watering, nostrils getting wider as they smell its warmth,

Everyone taking their first forkful of food, everyone tasting the delicious texture,

All fully immersed in the trance of dad’s jokes and granny’s lively laughter,

Like spreading butter on bread, the room graciously absorbed the joy,

The gathering of relatives far and near join us on this day of snow,

The presents rest under the soft, compassionate shine of the lights on our Christmas tree,

Hot chocolate slowly, silently sipped by children,

Everyone gathered round the quiet, heart-warming fire. Christmas is like a rock gently floated onto the water,

The action is quick, but the whispers of its vibrations last longer than the splash itself,

The memory of Christmas will last as long as you want it to,

It will be as happy for as long as you want it to be.

Imagine a day with white ground and white air.

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