A Way With Words

This is a book I have where I will write different fictional pieces. There will be a mixture of poetry, short stories and monologues.


4. Oh Father.

Oh Father,

Why don’t you try?

Your promises,

The always die.


Oh Father,

You tell me you love me,

Yet I don’t know,

Can I return this gesture?

You blame Mom for your mistakes,

Does it make you happy?

How can you?


Eighteen years,

That’s how long,

That’s how long you’ve been apart.

You could’ve fixed it,

You aren’t a child anymore,

You don’t need her permission.


Oh Father,

Your attitude,

The way you act,

How can you not see?

Don’t you see?

It damages me.


Oh Father,

How I wish you’d change.


Oh Father,

I see the same things,

Over and over,

A never ending cycle.


Oh Father,

I just can’t understand,

Why you’d move so far,

Did you even consider us?


Oh Father,

You put the relationship on edge,

Our relationship.

Did you foresee this?

Or did you just not care?


Oh Father,

How I wish you’d change,

Is it that you don’t know how?

Is it that you’re too scared to try?

I wish I knew your answer.


Oh Father,

To me I think-

I know you’re a stranger,

I force a smile,

Just to make you happy.


Oh Father,

I don’t know you anymore,

Do you even know me?


Oh Father,

You tell me you care,

Yet how do I know it’s true?


Oh Father,

Everyone wants one,

However the one for me,

Is here,

Not over sea.


Oh Father,

I call him Dad,

You don’t like it,

Why not?


Oh Father,

I want to call you by your name,

Yet I daren’t,

It would make you sad,

I would feel bad.


Oh Father,

You represent one thing,

He represents two,

He calls me Daughter,

I call him Dad,

Is that really bad?


Oh Father,

I’m so confused,





All of them dwell in me,

Hurt by your mistakes,

So confused.


Oh Father,

I wish you’d care,

I wish you’d change,

I wish you’d become the father I need,

No want.


Oh Father,

It’s funny,

I have two,

I just want you to know,

The father I want and need,

Is here,

Not over sea.


Don’t you see?

You’re hurting me,

You push us,

I don’t know-

I don’t know how this will end.


Oh Father,

Too many emotions to sort through,




All mixed in me,

Don’t you see?

I can’t love,

While this is in me.


Oh Father,

There’s this funny saying,

Blood is thicker than water,

What does it mean?


Oh Father,

In our case it doesn’t apply,

To me you are water,

He is blood.


Oh Father,

I am sorry,

I know you worry,

But how can I tell you?

I don’t know what to feel,

To confused,

Will you help me?

Or don’t you see,

You hurt me?


Oh Father,

I am sorry to say,

That finally I understand,

The father for me,

Is here,

 Not over sea.

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