A Way With Words

This is a book I have where I will write different fictional pieces. There will be a mixture of poetry, short stories and monologues.


2. Delectable

“What…? What’re you…?”

            There was a knock at the door waking the man from his sleep. Alan Clifford woke up and looked around. He cast his gaze over to the alarm clock beside him. He sighed as he realized the time. Running a hand through his hair in an attempt to neaten it and redoing his tie, he cleared his throat. The door creaked open revealing the petit woman in front of him. She had shoulder length cherry red hair and brown eyes. He smiled at her and gestured for her to put it on the desk next to him before picking up the pen and carrying on writing. She turned around walking over towards the door, Alan looking up to watch her. Her pink cardigan clinging to her, over the white top and grey trousers and black flats on his feet.

            “Dude…you should really stop salivating over her.”

            He turned to the male who had entered the room. He ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair as his black haired friend kicked the door closed.

            “Ah…James, I wasn’t expecting you till-”

            “One o’clock tomorrow. Yeah, I was bored and thought I’d come over early. So did you close it?”

            Alan raised an eyebrow at him and rubbed the sleep out of his eye with a yawn. James laughed at him and sat down opposite him.

            “Oh, by all means, make yourself comfortable.” Alan said sarcastically, “What’s mine is yours and yes I closed the hotel deal.”

            “I was planning on that Alan.” James replied, “So tell me, have you asked her yet?”

            Alan stared at him confused.

            “Err…Tricia over there.”

            James pointed towards the door.

            “She’s quite a delectable woman…”
            “James!” Alan groaned, “Please stop fantasizing about my employees! I’m trying to run a successful business here!”

            James put his hand up in defeat and smiled.

            “Quite right too.” He replied, “So how are Mummy and Daddy? Still walking in their shadow?”

            Alan shot him a warning look and glanced away.

            “Of course you are because your parents are the amazing CEO’s of Clifford Industries. The people who cater for everything.” He paused, “No wonder you won’t ask Tricia-”

            “I’m not interested in Tricia.” Alan cut across, “How many times do I have to tell you?”

            James laughed.

            “Prove it then.”

            Alan followed his friends gaze, his eyes widening as his friend reached for the intercom. He pressed it Tricia immediately responding.

            “Yes, Mr. Clifford?”

            “Ah, actually, this is James, Tricia love. Could you bring in the contract I left with you please?”

            “Of course, Mr. Thompson.”

            Alan stared at him blankly, only registering what had happened when Tricia walked in. He watched her as she smiled at the two men and placing the contract on the table. She went to walk out when James started talking again.

            “Tell me Tricia love, are you doing anything tonight?”

            Tricia looked at him in surprise.

            “Just to fulfill my curiosity, Alan here is being a bore!” He whined, “He won’t come to my celebration party for the new deal! In fact-”

            “You’re dismissed Tricia!” Alan said loudly, “Have a nice day.”

            She nodded.

            “Of course Sir.” She said, “And no Mr. Thompson, I’m not doing anything tonight.”

            James nodded thoughtfully, Tricia immediately exiting the room. He turned to Alan and smiled evilly at him.

            “My friend, I know how much you like her.” He told him, “However, if you don’t ask her out tonight, I’m doing it.”

            Alan shook his head and looked down at the contract. James sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

            “Your choice Alan. Now…if you don’t mind, I have to get back, have fun reading the contract.”

            James stood up and exited the office. Alan looked down at the contract. He started to read it slowly, making sure to take in all of the information on it. The new hotel deal he had closed, was supposed to be done with James Business Thompson interior. It was a five year project and one that he wanted to have as much input in as possible.  The intercom buzzed a male voice coming through.

            “While I think about it…I might as well ask her now.” James said, “I mean I did just send her off to buy a coffee. No doubt she’ll be back in a few.”

            Alan groaned in frustration and started to reply.

            “James, I thought you’d got an important meeting today?”

            There was a pause.

            “Oh crap!” He shouted, “Yeah got to go, but, if you don’t ask her by the time I’m finished…then that delectable woman is mine!”

            There was a silence as Alan carried on trying to read the contract. James’s words kept circling in his mind, distracting him from his work. After a few more minutes, Alan decided it was time to finally give up. He pressed the intercom, relieved to hear that it was Tricia who picked up.

            “Yes Mr. Clifford?”

            “Would you like to accompany me to the event James is having tonight?” He asked, “The one he was talking about earlier…”

            “Of course Sir, I could take notes on what they say if you want?”

            “No, that won’t be necessary.”
            “Are you sure Sir? That’s what usually happens-”

            “Yes I’m sure.” Alan said, “I don’t want you to come as my personal assistant.”

            “Oh…I don’t understand Sir…”

            “OK, err…” He paused, “Tricia…tonight I would like you to come as my…date?”

            He paled as he realized he’d said it as a question. There was a pause as he awaited her reply.

            “As your date…Sir?”

            Alan nodded.

            “Yes, yes of course!” He replied, “Of course!”

            She paused again.

            “Well…I – of course Sir.” She said.

            Alan laughed as he realized she’d been smiling.

            “Oh and Tricia?”

            “Yes Sir?”

            “Please stop calling me Sir. It’s annoying. Just call me Alan…”

            “Err…yes si- I mean Alan.”

            He smiled to himself.
            “Good now go out and have the rest of the day to yourself.”

            She went quiet.

            “Yes, thank you.”

            They finished the conversation, Alan sitting back. He picked up his phone and opened it going to James’s number. He typed a text and sent it.

            ‘Tricia’s mine.’

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