Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


6. Werewolf ?

When stiles got home he went up to his room and found it just as he left it half unpacked but he was too tired to unpack more so he just laid on his bed. A couple minuets later Scott walked in the room. Stiles leaped up on his feet “Oh my gosh are you ok,” Stiles said “I was so worried about, how did you get home, what happened, where were you?” “Slow down,” replied Scott “I’m fine but I need to talk to you about something that can’t wait another minute.” Scott took a deep breath “ I am a werewolf.” Stiles took a step back and sat on his bed. Scott continued, “ that beast out in the woods was me, I bit you and left you out in the woods, but I didn’t mean to I lost control because of the full moon.” Stiles looked confused and upset. He opened his mouth to speak but only tears came from his eyes. “So does this mean that I’m a werewolf now,” Stiles said with a slight sob. Scott sat down next to Stiles to try to comfort him. Stiles was not at all afraid of Scott he was mostly concerned with what will happen next. Scott said, “ well there are two options now your body will either accept everything and you will become a werewolf or your body will not accept it and you will die you are in transition right now but by the end of the day we will know what the result will be.”

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