Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


3. Out Into the Woods

The sun had set when Scott came to pick up Stiles. “So where to first,” Stiles said. Scott replied, “ I thought that I would show you my favorite patch of woods.” Stiles thought to him self, “ why is Scott taking me to the woods?” A couple od minutes later they pulled up, got out of the car and started to head into the the woods. As they were walking Scott was trying to explain things to Stiles. It is very dark out in the woods so Scott is holding a flashlight.  “ I have something to tell you,” Scott started, “I am only telling you this because I think that I can trust you with this.” Stiles thought to him self, “ Oh great I knew there was something wrong with this picture nobody is perfect he must be some kind of cereal killer great get ready to run Stiles!” before Scott could continue the moon reached the highest point in the sky. All of a sudden Scott dropped the flashlight. Scott fell to the ground moaning and groaning. He was saying something but Stiles couldn’t hear him. “What’s wrong are you ok,” Stiles Panicked. Stiles stepped beck from Scott and turned to reach in his pocket for his cell phone. The only person Stiles could think to call was his dad. Stiles turned around to find a beast looking creature. The creature had long sharp fingernails. Hairy hands, long side burns, and sharp teeth. The animal had bright yellow eyes the kind of eyes that seemed to look deep into your soul. In the blink of an eye he creature attacked him knocking Stiles unconscious to the ground. The beast grabbed stiles phone and ran off into the dark leaving Stiles in the dark alone and unconscious.

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