Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


8. Nice to Meet you Derek

 Scott opens the trunk and gets something that sounds like metal hitting metal. Stiles thought to him self, “how can I hear that I’m so far away from Scott.” But Stiles just brushed it off. Allison, Isaac, Stiles, and Scott all start to head for the abandon house. “Sure this is a great idea why wouldn’t I want to go to an abandon house,” Stiles thought. They all went inside the house and inside there was a tall man waiting to see us. “This is Derek,” said Scott. “Are you a werewolf,” asked Stiles?  “ Yes, I am an Alfa werewolf,” Derek replied. Stiles thought to him self, “what is that?” “Sit down we need to go over something’s before tonight,” said Scott “ first you are going to be experiencing some changes, if you become a werewolf than you will be stronger and you will be able to hear from far away.” “That explains a lot,” replied Stiles. All of a sudden arrows were shot from out side of the house. Stiles saw 3 arrows go right through the door one just missing Scott, one in Derek, and one in between Allison and Isaac. When they hit a surface all 3 arrows started to release some type of gas. Everyone seemed to be effected by the gas even Stiles.

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