Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


4. Lots of Blood

Stiles woke up to sun, woods, a headache, and a lot of blood everywhere. He couldn’t see where the blood was coming from it was just all over. Stiles sat up and looked around trying to process everything around him. He was very dizzy, confused, and light headed. The last thing Stiles remembered was Scott and Stiles walking and talking in the woods than some beast attacking him. After that it was a blank. “Scott,” Stiles eyes got wide “where is Scott I have to go and find him!” Stiles stumbled to his feet he could now see that something had bitten him on the shoulder. Stiles took off his sweatshirt and tied it so that it was over the wound and he wouldn’t have to look at it he hated blood. Stiles started to pull himself together he remembered that he had brought his cell phone. He couldn’t find it so Stiles started to look around on the ground but he couldn’t find it. The only thing to do now was to start walking. “I don’t think that the road is that far away,” he thought. So Stiles started to stumble toward the road. He could see the road now and could hear the cars passing by. The more he walked the more he was dizzy and lightheaded he just thought to him self only a little bit more. As soon as he reached the road there was so much blood all over his clothes he just couldn’t take it anymore he passed out.

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