Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


5. Hospital

The next time Stiles woke up all he saw was a tile sealing with a hanging light. He was in a hospital bed he looked around and saw that it was dark out side his shoulder was bandaged up and Sheriff Stilinski was watching Stiles in a chair next to the bed. “What happed,” asked Sheriff Stilinski? “Your guess is as good at mine,” Stiles replied “ all I know is one minute I’m walking with Scott in the woods and the next I’m trying to walk to the road from the woods with out passing out.” The doctor came in the room and came over to Stiles to check on his shoulder. The doctor pulled the bandage back and his eyes got big “what is it doc,” Sheriff Stilinski said. “There is no wound here,” the doctor replied “that’s impossible if you don’t mind Sheriff I would like to keep your son for a couple more tests.” “That’s fine,” said Sheriff Stilinski. A couple of tests later the doctors still couldn’t find anything wrong with stiles so the only thing to do was discharge him from the hospital.

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