Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


1. At The Start of it

Stiles Stilinski and his father Sheriff Stilinski moved form a little town in Mexico named Mérida. They moved to a small town named Beacon Hills. Stiles’s father got a job in Beacon Hills so that meant that stiles had to start over at a new school. “It will be fun,” said Sheriff Stilinski “you’ll make lots of new friends.” Sure, Stiles thought its not like I have anything else to do like school. Stiles stepped out of the car and looked at his new school Beacon Hills High. Stiles walked up the steps and into the school he headed straight for the main office. He got his schedule and just managed to slip in to math right at the bell was rang. There was only one seat left next to this boy with medium length hair. But stiles still sat next to him. After class was over the boy looked over at Stiles and said, “Hey, my name is Scott.” Stiles kindly replied, “I’m Stiles I am new here.” It was lunchtime and so Scott and Stiles went to lunch together. When they got there Scott introduced Stiles to all of his friends. “Stiles,” Scott said “this is Lydia, Allsion, and Isaac.” Stiles went up to get his lunch and Scott and his friends start in on a conversation. “Can we trust him,” said Allison. “I think that we can I will take him out to the woods and try to explain,” Scott replied. “But it’s a full moon tonight,” Isaac said. Scott convinced them all that he had it under control.

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