Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


11. Aftermath

 Allison went to Scott and untied him and Isaac and Derek went right to Stiles. “He’s gone,” said Derek. Allison pulled a half beat half conscious Scott to his feet. “I think that we need to take Scott to Derek’s to recover and to regroup.” Everyone agreed that it was a good idea. A couple of hours later Scott woke up. “Where is Stiles is he ok,” asked Scott. “Scott, Stiles is dead and so is Chris,” replied Derek. “So what are we going to with the body,” asked Isaac? “I think that we should leave him in the woods and call the police and report a dead body that way no one has to know about the supernatural world and Stiles can have a proper funeral,” suggested Allison. Everyone agreed on that as well. The sheriff was so sad when he got the news, Stiles was all he had left. But the funeral was very lovely and after that everything pretty much went back to normal. The sheriff moved because he couldn’t bare to live in the house with an empty room that should have been filled. Scott, Isaac, Derek, and Allison went on with their lives but still always thought about Stiles and the future they could have had together.  

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