Full Moon

When Stiles finds him self at a new school he finds new friends and some supernatural


10. A Broken Handcuff

 The moon will be in its highest point soon. Chris left the room on his cell phone talking to one of his men. “All we need is Scott,” Chris said “remind me why we even took the sheriffs son? We don’t need him he is just another loose end.” While Chris was out of the room Scott turned to Stiles and said, “ how are you feeling the moon will be at the high point soon?” “I’m a little scared but for the most part I am ok.” Chris walked back in the room and said, “ Now where were we oh yes I was just telling you about my line of work” Stiles chimed in, “what kind of work do you do?” “I am werewolf hunter I hunt and kill them,” Chris replied. The moon was at its highest point now and Stiles started to change into a werewolf and became even stronger than a normal werewolf. He broke out of the handcuffs and ran toward Chris. Stiles grabbed the broken handcuffs and throught them as far as they could go they the handcuffs went right into Chris’s stomach and he fell to the ground. Stiles was stopped by an arrow through the heart. At that moment Isaac, Derek, and Allison rushed in the room.

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