Day of the DEAD

You think it's a mexican holiday but thats where it all started!! It's 2025 and Devon Bill is 24 and ready for anything. While looking for a group to survive with, he with also find friends that will become rivals, aside from all the other problems. Will these foes become friend and reunite to be a survival group in this apocalypse, or will they stay foes? Well that's for you to find out.


5. Sadness is weakness

   After the fall Zezxel, we headed for a friends house. Sure enough he was there, with rifle to my head.

   "Keagon It's me Devon. We need a new base and a new member. Would you like to come with us? Join our group", I said to an old friend.

  "I'm good my families sick I have to stay here", he said glancing at his family.

   " okay",I sighed, I'll see later Brother. Oh and one more thing be careful around Colton's group. As far as I know all thats in his group right now is Joe and Colton. We have their third member held prisoner."

  "I will", Keagon said raising  His his gun and firing it.

   There was a deady behind us. It's now laying on the ground With one in between his eyes.


     Later that day we went to my house. We killed 8 deadies 5 of them were my family and the other were my Mom's boyfriend and kids. I sat down on my couch crying because I just killed my brothers and my Mom. I pulled out my 1911 put it to my head. Jarhead and Hammy ran at me screaming "NOOOO!!!"

   They jumped on me and snapped the gun out of my hand. Then out of no where Gavin gets up and knocks Jono out.

   Then walks over knocks the rest of us out. Gavin has us all tied up. Colton, Joe, Austin, and Jerron walk in with AR15s. Now we were prisoners.

   I thought Austin was smart until he put the muzzle of his gun on my head. I quickly turned around and snapped the gun out of his hand, his finger with. Austin is now on the floor screaming. It was so loud that there were now deadies at my door and windows.

   I now have Austin's gun, an AR15, in my hand aiming at everyone in Colton's group. I put a Bullet in Austin's head so he didn't suffer. Colton Quickly shot me in the shoulder. I started shooting randomly at their group. Jono Quickly turned around and punched Joe in the face. After he punched him in the face, Jono picked up his gun and shot Colton in the side.

   "Arghhhh. RETREAT!!! Austin's gone we have to move NOW!!!" Colton screamed in pain.

   Gavin got up and ran outside where all the deadies were. Gavin got in there bus and started it. Joe did the same except he stood at the door and started firing at the deadies. Jerron did the same as Joe. Colton left the building while firing at us.

BANG!!! BANG!!! CLICK!!! CLICK!!! Colton was out of ammo. Now Colton is turning around getting ready to start sprinting for the bus. Joe and Jerron just got on the bus.

   " OPEN THE DOORS!!!" Colton screams while running for the bus.

   They are gone now. my group gets up and runs for my Dad's barn where my old go-cart, Dirt-bike , and Four-wheeler is.

   "Jarhead your riding with Jono on the four-wheeler. Hammy you're with me on the go-cart. Lets go people we're losing daylight", I commanded starting the go-cart.



 "I made progress Sir. The group trusts me now. Before long I should be able to over power the group. Their leader is strong in the head, but not muscle wise. I should be able to overpower them soon", said a mysterious man to his radio. 


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