Day of the DEAD

You think it's a mexican holiday but thats where it all started!! It's 2025 and Devon Bill is 24 and ready for anything. While looking for a group to survive with, he with also find friends that will become rivals, aside from all the other problems. Will these foes become friend and reunite to be a survival group in this apocalypse, or will they stay foes? Well that's for you to find out.


16. Part 4

   I am now chasing Noah shooting at him Missing every shot. Noah takes out a sound bomb and throws it at me. I stop to check if it was armed. It was he just forgot to turn the sound on. KABOOOMMM!!! It blew up and drawed a swarm of deadies to my location. I didn't see caleb anywhere. I think he went  back to the camp to warn the others.

   "Noah you coward!!!"I shouted reloading my 1911,"Come back here and fight me!!!" Then several laser pointers are on me.

   The deadies move to another sound bomb location.

   Colton and Keagon walk up behind me, shaking hands and shoot me in both of my shoulders.

   "Keagon we have an agreement I'm in charge", Colton said raising a 44. to Keagon's head.


   Keagon fell to the ground dead.


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