Day of the DEAD

You think it's a mexican holiday but thats where it all started!! It's 2025 and Devon Bill is 24 and ready for anything. While looking for a group to survive with, he with also find friends that will become rivals, aside from all the other problems. Will these foes become friend and reunite to be a survival group in this apocalypse, or will they stay foes? Well that's for you to find out.


1. Part 1

   You might think it's just a normal Mexican holiday that honors the dead,but in this story it's more than a holiday. It's the day that changed the world....

   One day a few friends decided to go to the woods and make a tree fort, a tree house turned into a base camp. in case you're wondering who those friends are, me( my name is Devon), Jared, Andrew, Jonathan, and Noah

   Noah was looking out a window and noticed something. "Guys come here...NOW!!"

   Noah saw something limping through the woods. I look through my binoculars and see that its all beat up and had blood stains on it's clothes. Andrew picked up his sniper rifle as I got close to him. Of course i didn't go unarmed, I brought my 1911 Pistol. I had hidden in the back of my pants.

   As I approached him, I noticed a chunk of his neck was missing.

   "Sir? Sir are you okay??" I asked him reaching for my 1911

   He looked at me and charged. He grabbed me and pushed me down with him ontop of me trying to bite me. Then it hit me This the start of the Zombie Apocalypse.

   Andrew shot it in the head. BANGGG!!!

   "Devon get up here!!!"Andrew screamed while checking for more of them.


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