Day of the DEAD

You think it's a mexican holiday but thats where it all started!! It's 2025 and Devon Bill is 24 and ready for anything. While looking for a group to survive with, he with also find friends that will become rivals, aside from all the other problems. Will these foes become friend and reunite to be a survival group in this apocalypse, or will they stay foes? Well that's for you to find out.


15. new intelligence.

   On a supply run with Noah and Caleb, we ran into an old friend except he didn't have weapon. 

   "Drew Motycka? Drew is that you?" I said getting my 1911 ready.

   "Devon? Is it really you?" he said looking at me.

   "There is room in our group for a lot more. Wanna join?" I ask looking him in the eye.

   "Sure...why not?" Drew said trying to hide something.

   "Drew are you okay?" I ask pulling out a 1911.

   "uhhh maybe see I was bitten and I don't feel well..."Drew said afraid of turning.

   I pull up my 1911 and point it at his head. "I'm sorry, but you are gonna turn."

   "Wait!!!" Drew shouted looking at me. "What Nick said was true. The traitor is Noah!!! The group that he is really in is Keagan Hammons' group. I'm in it too. His camp is located in **COUGH COUGH** Shoot me please!!!"

   BANGGG!!!! I put a bullet through his skull and said, "It's just business."

   I turn to Noah and I ask, "Is this true?"

   Noah turns around and starts sprinting. I pull up my 1911 and start shooting at him. I missed him every time.


   "Sir they know I'm the traitor", Noah said on his radio.

   "How do they know?!" Keagon said frustrated.

   "It was Drew he talked"Noah said frightened of what Keagon would do to him.

   "Come to the camp NOW!!!"Keagon commanded.


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