Day of the DEAD

You think it's a mexican holiday but thats where it all started!! It's 2025 and Devon Bill is 24 and ready for anything. While looking for a group to survive with, he with also find friends that will become rivals, aside from all the other problems. Will these foes become friend and reunite to be a survival group in this apocalypse, or will they stay foes? Well that's for you to find out.


23. Infection

The following morning i get up from my sleeping bag and exit my tent. I see the morning supply run leaving. Jonathan walks up to me and tells me who all went on the run, Gavin, Jacob, Tyler, and Roger. This meant I was in charge of the group.


We've got a few deadies over here!!” Called Zach on the wall with a sniper.

I run over to the wall and close the gates. I climb the wooden later. When I get up there I feel the Wooden ledge creek under my feet. I pick up a sniper and look through the scope. I see a few more deadies come out of the woods. In a matter of seconds the woods was filled with deadies.

They start pushing in the wall. Me and Zach fell with it. It only took a few seconds for them to fill the courtyard. One falls on Zach and starts ripping his guts out and eating them.

I see one coming for me. I try to get up, but my feet are trapped under rubble. It kneels down and reaches for me. I punch it in the face. I was shocked that it caught my punch and bit my arm. Andrew Runs over and shoots it in the face.

“Hand me that axe quick!” I said pointing to the axe.

“It’ll be easier if I cut it off”, Andrew said picking up the axe.

He swung the axe at my arm.

“ARGHHH”, I cried in pain. I reach for a 1911. “I’ll cover you. Burn my stump shut. HURRY!” I demanded looking at him.

Andrew did exactly that. I passed out of blood loss.

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