If i love ...


5. if I love ..

Two weeks later jake and Julie dump in two each other's her books fall they go down to pick it up they touch hands and looks up in to each other's eyes

"Hello" jake says

"Hey again thanks for all you help you were there when I needed you you helped all the pain and hurt go away how can I ever thank you ?"

"Just come her !"

(They both leaned in for the kiss )

"Wow" jake says happily

"Wow"Julie says kissing him agin )

"Come on there's 5 people I want you to meet :)"Jake said

They all got bullied no one helped them no one carered being bullied is not something you should keep you your self stand up don't stand down ! There names were jade Jas saz jennie Bethany they over come bullying and now I have took the time to listen to them there my best friends

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