If i love ...


3. if I love

Well this is were I thought it all changed but it dident I went school the next day some girls wrote horrible things on my locker I really hoped it would of been different this time but It wasn't it started all again but the worst this is is that it wisent between me and the bullies .Jake came he asked who done this I crying he hugged me I ran away ,he saw me at lunch he sat with me he put my hair be hind me ear he whispered softly "I'm here for you you don't need to be alone " I said "I'm alone you cant help me no one can " I went of the table and walked away he watched me leave.the next day it was worst it wasn't just the name calling people started hitting me punching me my face was bruised I have a black eye and they put on my locker "he's mine get lost weirdo " I dident know who they were talkin about then It hit me they were talking about jake I tried to avoid him but he was ever were he cared for me

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