If i love ...


2. if I love ..

So I go to school I have to see the head teacher before going to my lessons she tells me to go to my locker because all my school books are in there as I'm walking down I see this boy he has light blond hair and light blue eyes ( like huskies eyes) he drops his books I pick them up as he goes to pick them up our hands touched we look in each other eyes and smile "hi my names uh my names uhh jake "

"Hey my names Julie " (the bell rings)

"See you" he says

"Bye" I said blushing

I find me room I walk in jakes there with his big blue beautiful eyes an his smile well it's two die fore .sir sat me next to him I dropped my pen we went to pick it up our hands touched again we smiled.He keeped on looking at me i looked back the lesson went so quickly. He kissed my cheek it was soft it felt like me and him was meant to be have you ever got that feeling???

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